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55 Northern Boulevard
Great Neck


SAT I, II, ACT, AP, Olympiad, AMC8,10,12, AIME, USAMO, Great Neck, Long Island, New York, After School program 4th to 8th. SSAT, SHSAT test prep, 유학, 뉴욕,롱아일랜드 

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Our Achievements

Meet Our Scholars

“A man without ambition is dead. A man with ambition but no love is dead. A man with ambition and love for his blessings here on earth is ever so alive.”

― Pearl Bailey


2018 Chemistry olympiad result

national Rank, 51-150

Anderson G.(Great Neck S. HS)

Austin K.(Herrick HS)

                                                                       Brian H. (Great Neck S. HS)

                                                               gabriel c.(commack Hs)

2018 Finalists : Andersen G (gnshs), Austin K(herricks hs), Brian H (ghshs), Caitlyn C, (the spence hs), Samuel L (jericho hs), Daniel K(gnshs). 
 2017 national Rank 21 - 50 : william p.(manhasset hs) ,                                                                                               rank 51-141: Daniel K.(gnshs), Stanley W. (hunter hs)  Andrew K (herricks hs). Caitlyn C.(the spence hs) Justin K (jericho hs). 

2016 Finalists: Aric Z. (GNSHS), William B. (GNSHS), Spencer L. (Jericho HS), Johann Y. (Commack HS), Holly K. (Roslyn HS), Sung Won S. (Manhasset HS)

2015 Finalists: Christine Y. (Manhasset HS), Samuel K. (Herricks HS), Spencer L. (Jericho HS), Won P (Herricks HS)

2014 finalists: karan s(natioanl rank top1-20), wankyoo N, christine y. samuel k. spencer l.(rank 51-158), typher y. won p. 


2018 Semi Finalists: Brian C, Daniel S, Emily C.

2017 semi finalist : Julia K. Justin L. Noa O

2016 semi Finalists: Ally K. 

2015 SEMI Finalists: Spencer L. 
2012-2015, semi finalists: yooree h(harvard univ.), charin y(nyu 7yrs dentistry, cornell), wankyoo n(cornell eng.), daniel h.(nyit do program), monica l. (boston college), ally k. (cornell univ.)


2018 Semi-Finalists: William C, William P.

2017 semi-finalists: william p. (yale univ.) vanessa z (upenn univ.)      
2012-2015 semi finalists: angela K.(harvard univ.) Michael K. (washington univ.), wonchel j,(stanford univ.) david k.(stanford univ.),  karan s.(stanford univ.), william p. (yale univ.) 


Physics Bowl 2018

Overall Division 1

William C.

Global Top 31st & & National Top 20th & NY State Top 1st Place

Joseph Y.

Global Top 52nd & & National Top 32nd & NY State Top 2nd Place

Brown Academy

Region Top 1 School


2017 national Physics Bowl "top Five Overall Division Team, National Rank 4"
Brown Academy

" Top Ten Overall Division Individual, National Rank 8th and Global Top 26th Overal Division 1 William P. 

" Top Ten Highest Scoring Division 1 in Region & Global Top 58 overall Division 1, Wendy M(GNSHS)
" Global Top 76th Overall Division 1, Andrew K. (Yale Univ. )

math olympiad.jpg

Adam P. (Stanford Univ. ) :  United States of America Junior Mathematical Olympiad 2016

Daniel W. ( Jericho HS) : Junior USAMO

Samuel S. ( MIT ): United States of America Mathematical Olympiad 2014

Karan S. ( Stanford Univ. ): 2014 AIME Qualified. 


1st Place, Christine Y. (Manhasset HS)

Regional Semifinalists

Caitlyn C (The Spence HS) Stanley W(Hunter HS)


William Peng (Manhasset HS)

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2018-2015 Writing Award
Gold Key: Emily C. (2018), Richard S. (2018), Sally L. (2018), Samuel L. (2018), Andrew K. Bradford L, Brandon L, Christine S, Felicia H, Johann Y, Sarah K, Taylor K. 
Silver Key: Ashley C. (2018) Davina L. (2018), Ivan V. (2018), Joseph Y.(2017 + 2018), Joo Hee P., Justin O. (2018), Rini L. (2017 + 2018), Brandyn C., Christine O., Clark L., Emily C., Jasmin L., Karen I., Richard S..tailor K  
Honorable Mention: Ashley C (2018), Janis D (2018), Daniel K (2017 + 2018), Annie P, Christine S, Christine Y, Estee H, Felicia H, Justin O, Spencer L, Sydney Z
 Finalist: Sarah K (2015)